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Western Hats

Different Types of Western Hats

In Western fashion, hats and caps are essential parts of the overall style, especially for cowboys and ranch workers. However, hats are more of a tool for most of them than accessories, but still, it has deeply influenced the fashion industry in the West.

Therefore, if you’re planning to go to the West and blend in with the crowd, it will come in handy if you know the different styles and types of head wears popular there. Here’s a simple guide about the kinds of hats you can wear when you visit the west part of America.

Western Cowboy Hats

If you’ve seen cowboy movies, you’ll definitely know what these Western cowboy hats look like. Typically, these hats are the favorite of most ranch workers since they have a wide brim that can provide shade and protection from the sun's heat or other elements. Most cowboys also love these hats for the same reason, especially since they are bound to ride horses in open areas.

Cowboy hats are made from various materials for different purposes. You can find cowboy hats that are made of leather and waterproof, ideal for the rainy season. Furthermore, there are also some hats made from straws for a lightweight experience during summer. So, it’s also essential to pick the western hat that suits your purpose of using it. One of the famous brand that you can consider are the Ariat hats.

Bowler Hats

Another iconic type of hat you can wear when you come by the West part of America is the bowler hat. Compared to cowboy hats, this one has a shorter brim and is more suitable for horse riding since it does not fall off easily. Moreover, it’s one of the classic types of hats that never goes out of style. Even today, bowler hats are a popular addition to men’s fashion style in America and other countries.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats or Boonie hats are well-known to everyone not just in Western America but around the world. It’s known for its soft texture and medium-length brim slightly pointing down. Typically, bucket hats are favorites of travelers since they offer excellent protection from the sun's heat, dust, and rain and still look stylish.

Fedora Hats

Western fashion usually incorporates the classic styles of headwear, including the famous fedora hat of the 2000s. This type is almost similar to the bowler hats, but the front brim is not turned up. It also offers different variations, including the Triby, Stingy Brim, and other designs. You just have to look for the design that complements your style.

Trucker Caps

Western wear doesn’t just focus on hats, but you can also opt to wear stylish trucker caps on your next visit to the Western areas. As you might have known, trucker caps are a bit similar to baseball caps in terms of shape. They just differ in the design as trucker caps have a fabric front piece and a mesh panel on the back part. You can find various stylish designs of trucker hats and even some customized ones made of excellent quality material.


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